I’m too old, too fat and too ugly to be successful. Now there’s some raw honesty!

This is what I’ve been saying to myself recently as I scroll through my social feeds, seeing images of the people I admire, those who are already where I aim to be (in regard to business success).

All I see in my feed are beautiful faces with skinny bodies on mostly under 40 (even under 30!) year olds and I feel I just can’t compete.

They all seem like they have it all together, living the perfect life, with their perfect smiles, and perfect bodies, and doing it all so effortlessly.

I never used to think like this, this is something new Ive been experiencing of late.  I don’t know where its coming from, why I am suddenly so insecure about my looks, my weight and my age (I mean 42 isn’t over the hill… right?).

I even have to remind myself of the success I have already achieved (which is just as much, and sometimes more, than those people I see in my feed).  Stupid right?

I am living this amazing lifestyle, have a successful business, a loving soul mate, the worlds cutest fur baby, and I’m sitting here all fucked up over my looks, age and weight.  WTF is wrong with me?

Well this morning I had an ‘aha’ moment while asking myself that very question… I realized that nothing is wrong with me, Ive just let my mindset derail a little.. or maybe a lot.

A 2nd ‘aha’ moment happened when I realized that those people I admire, the ones in my feed that all look like they have it all together with perfect lives, perfect bodies and perfect businesses, probably actually don’t have it all together.

Because I’m sure to some of you it might look like that I have it all together with the perfect business and perfect life.  But as you now know, I don’t!  So if I can hide my non-perfectness from you then most likely those in my feed are hiding theirs from me.

It’s so dangerous to compare ourselves to others at any time but especially when its an online persona, someone we know nothing about other than what we see in their posts.

And I know this!

That’s whats frustrating me – I know better than to let my mindset derail.  I know better than to compare myself to others.  I know better than to complain about how fucked up I am on the internet!

But I thought it was important to show you that what you see is not always the truth.

I never lie.  I never say shit that isn’t so.  But lately I have been hiding the truth.

The truth is… I’m not perfect.  I don’t always have my shit together.  I have very little self confidence.  And I feel like shit from time to time.

But what makes me different from most is that I know this is a temporary glitch in my otherwise positive mindset.  I know that I just need to get my shit together and get my mindset back on track so I can stop attracting more negative thoughts and go back to attracting more greatness in my life.

Because greatness, success, joy… it’s all up to us.  We have 100% control over it.  But sometimes we forgot this and we blame others (or in my case, resent others) for our misery but in reality its 100% on us.

It’s my own fault I have an issue with my age, looks and weight.  Nobody else has an issue with it (and I wouldn’t care if they did… so why do I care about it??)  So only I can control how I see myself, how I feel about myself, how I treat myself.

And I know this!  I know this to my core.  But I guess sometimes we need to feel like shit, we need to go low to remind ourselves how crappy it feels, to remind ourselves why our mindset matters, why positivity matters, and how much it influences our lives.

So when you look through your feed and see all these people you admire and want to emulate please know that they are not perfect, they make mistakes, they have personal issues, and as much as it looks like it, they don’t have a perfect life.  It might be close to it (as it is for me most days) but nothing is ever perfect.

All we can each do is love ourselves, work on our mindset every single day, be kind, generous and caring people and the Universe will do the rest.

So even on the days you feel like shit, especially those days, work on your mindset, say affirmations, meditate, read a positive book…. and remember that you are 100% on control of your feelings, your desires, your emotions, your mindset.

So stop comparing yourself to others and get over your shit and just be the best you can be (words to myself… and to anyone who needs to hear it).  You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be you and fill the world with your love, your kindness and your positivity cause there is enough shit in the world without adding to is unnecessarily!


Note to self:

I give myself permission to feel like shit until the end of the day and then its back to positivity YOUNG lady!!  (I heard my mother speaking those words when I said that – as she would when she was alive and dealing with my shit)

After that, that’s it!  No more feeling sorry for yourself, no more obsessing about your age, looks and weight (although joining a gym wouldn’t be such a bad idea). Get back to doing what you do best which is being a positive influence on your community, enjoying the life and business YOU purposefully created, and being a happy, kind and positive person.

Note to you:

It’s okay to feel like shit from time to time, its normal!  But just remember, you have the power to stop feeling like shit anytime you want!  You can turn your negative mind into a positive mind in an instant.  You can turn envy and jealousy into admiration and motivation. 

You can do, be and have anything you want if you put your MIND to it.