• You like playing on social media. 
  • The idea of being your own boss excites you.
  • You want to work less hours and have more fun.
  • You want to work from anywhere in the world.
  • You want the practical steps to make all of this happen.


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Nicole x

Hey there fellow dreamer!  I’m Nicole!

I live a most extraordinary life – I travel full time and work from my laptop.  My ‘job’ (if you can call it that!) for many years was playing on social media and I got paid to do so!

I was working part time hours and earned more money than I ever did when I was working 70 hours a week in Australia!

Being a Social Media Manager has given me the opportunity to live the most amazing life… and this is someone who didn’t know a thing about Social Media to begin with!

I started with no real tech knowledge and knew nothing about ‘online business’.  But I created a successful Social Media Management business which enabled me to travel in luxury full time. If I can do it so can you!! 

Stop waiting for someday and start living an extraordinary life NOW!

Nicole x


How to become a Social Media Manager even if you know very little about Social Media!


When I first got started as a Social Media Manager I didn’t even have my own Facebook account, let alone know anything about Twitter or Pinterest!

But I taught myself through reading books, taking courses and listening to mentors.

You do not need prior experience to get started as a Social Media Manager – You just need a passion to learn from others who have paved the way for you.

How to find clients & grow your business


The hard part of most businesses is how to actually find paying clients.  Well in this webinar I am going to share my trade secrets with you and explain exactly how and where I find my clients.

Social Media Managers earn very good money – My very first client was a grand a month client and it grew from there!

If you play your cards right and take advice from those in the business (ahem, like me!) you too can grow a successful business from your laptop… without even meeting any clients face to face!

How to impress the pants off your clients so they keep renewing their contracts


The best way to ensure continual income is to have your happy clients re-sign with you after their contract ends.  Im going to show you how to impress those clients so they will keep pumping money into your business.

I am going to share with you my number secret for keeping your clients happy time and time again.

This one thing alone will set you apart from the competition!