If you are still in the 9 – 5 grind, right now I bet you are dreading going back to work. The thought of going back to the office after a nice break over the holidays fills you with anxiety and anguish.

I know that’s how you feel because that’s how I felt for so many years. And not just over the Christmas holidays, but any time I took a vacation I hated having to go back to the grind.

Of course if you know my story then you know I no longer have that depressed feeling after a vacation because my whole life is a vacation!

But before you say “Oh you are so lucky”, luck had nothing to do with it my friend. I just knew I wanted something better for my life, that I deserved something better.

So one day I woke up and said “enough of this shit, I’m done”.

So when are you going to say “enough is enough”?

Easier said than done right?


Deciding to change the path you are on in this life is not something that needs to be hard. For me it was really quite simple.

I decided to make a change and I planned out what steps I needed to take to see it through.

The hardest part is actually making the decision to change and then sticking to it. But if you can do that then the hard work is already done.

Lucky for you, you have someone on your side cheering for you and ready to lend a helping hand – Me!

No I’m not selling you anything here my friend, I am simply offering you my knowledge, experience, love and support while you embark on your journey.

I didn’t have anyone support me when I was “planning my escape” but you do. You have someone who has walked the path before you, someone who knows what it feels like to desperately want change but not knowing how to start.

So I’m going to make this very easy for you – I’m going to show you the steps I took that saw me go from working 70 hours a week in an industry I was no longer passionate about and having no life outside of work, to working on a business that fills my heart with joy every day while traveling the world full time with my amazing husband.

You probably don’t want to travel full time like me but I bet you want more time in your day, more joy in your life – I think that is a universal desire!

You will never get that from working for someone else, or if you are like me 5 years ago, running a business that no longer brings you joy in any form.

So it’s time you took your life into your own hands and started feeling that joy and passion you once felt all those years ago. So how do you do that you ask?


Step 1
Make the decision!

Make the choice to design a better life for yourself, to love yourself enough to live a life filled with joy, fulfillment and excitement.


Step 2
Set your goals

Set your ‘quit’ date. Decide how much cash you want saved up before you quit (you will want enough to last you while you build your new business).

Decide how you will replace your current income – What business model excites you?

Will you quit your job and then run your business full time? Or will you build your business before you quit?
And make sure you have defined dates for all of these goals to ensure you don’t procrastinate.



Step 3
Get into the right mindset

If you don’t believe you can pull this off then you won’t, it’s that simple. So you need to believe in yourself, believe in your dream, otherwise you will be crawling up-hill the whole time.

Daily affirmations will help here. Even something as simple as “I can and will do this” is very empowering and the more you say it the sooner you will start to believe it.

Design a vision board that represents what you want your new life to look like. When you look at your board every day close your eyes and ‘see’ yourself living that life. Trust me, the power of visions boards is real!


Step 4
Commit to your business

There are going to be days when you are trying to build your business and work at your shitty job and it all feels too much. But if you stick with it, see it through, then you can have everything you want!

You need to keep in mind that mistakes happen, failures will occur, but if you are strong enough to see those as just bumps in the road and you keep moving forward, then you will be an unstoppable force, I promise!


Step 5
Everyday I’m hustling!

You will need to hustle like you’ve never hustled before! I know it sounds kinda strange for me to say you need to work your ass off, when my whole message is about creating more freedom, but hear me out! If you put in the hard work now and build yourself a solid foundation, you will absolutely be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits. You won’t need to hustle hard forever, but you will need to work hard to get your business up and running, especially if you are doing it while you are still working the crappy job.

Besides, when you are doing something you love as your ‘job’ it really isn’t hard work! I love what I do and I actually look forward to my working hours – How many of you can say that right now?



Step 6
Quit that cubicle!

So now you have your kick ass business which you’ve been building over the last few months and its making money, so now it’s time to say “see ya!” to those 4 walls that have been holding you back.

It’s time for you to live the life you have been working hard to create.

It’s time to have more joy in your life.

It’s time to have more freedom in your life.


So you see, it doesn’t need to be hard to change your life, it’s actually quite simple when you break it down into bite sized steps. And no, it probably won’t happen overnight – it took 11 months from the day I made the decision to change my life until the day my new life started. But are you willing to wait another year before you get started?

Hell no!!

So come and join me in my FREE Facebook Group, be inspired and learn from those who have walked this path before you, and stop making excuses! Do you really want to feel like this again next year? Dreading going back to the office after having a wonderful Christmas? No of course you don’t. So what are you going to do about it??