I have been getting lots of emails lately about online business and how to go about starting one.

I guess a lot of you have “Start an online business” down as one of your 2016 goals. How awesome!

You know I LOVE having an online business and that because I can work from anywhere in the world, I actually do!  For the last 4 years my location has changed with the seasons (always following the warmer seasons).

I am so grateful to the Internet and how easy it now is for anyone to have an online business.

So for those of you who want to know HOW to start an online business this post is for you!

I am going to cover the 6 steps you need to take to start your very own online business. Are you ready?? Let’s do this!


Step 1: Find your business idea

You might already have your business idea in mind. Maybe you want to start a blog, maybe you want to start an Etsy store, or maybe you want to launch your web development business.

Maybe you have no idea what you want to do but you know you want the freedom of an online business.

So your first step is to come up with your business idea and then refine it. By that I mean, find the niche within the field you want to be in.

For example: If you want to run an online course about cooking. Which area of cooking will you specialize in? Will you be teaching how to cook with 4 ingredients or less? Or perhaps you will be teaching to how took gluten free meals for kids.

You cannot sell your product to everyone so decide which market you want to tap into.


Step 2: Research your idea

You have your grand business idea (woohoo!) but now you need to know if it’s actually viable. So you need to research your idea and your potential market.

To do this you need to scope out the competition. Find out what is working well for them, where there are cracks you can fill, and if there is actually an audience for your idea.

You should also do a little market research. So ask family and friends what they think of your idea. Ask members of FB Groups if they think your idea is viable. Ask people if they would use the product or service you are thinking of selling – You need to know there is a buying market for your idea.



Step 3: Register your business name

So you now have your idea and you know it’s viable, so people will buy!

You now need to register your business and business name with your local government body. This one you will need to Google to find out who you need to go through to do this as each city, state and country has its own way of dealing with business registrations.

If you are an Aussie like me, you will go to business.gov.au


Step 4: Buy your domain and build your website

This is where it starts to get very exciting! You need to buy your domain name (which will hopefully be your exact business name) and start building your website. You can use someone like HostGator.com to buy your domain and host your website.

Once you are hosted you need to design your website. Before you start to panic, building websites these days is really very easy! I knew nothing about website design when I get started but there are so many ‘drag and drop’ themes now that you do not need to know any coding to build a site.

If you are looking for a super easy theme to use check our DIVI by Elegant Themes. It’s the one I use for all of my websites.


Step 5: Branding

This is where a lot of new entrepreneurs fall down.  A great brand means everything and can be the difference between success and failure.  Never do this part half assed!  Your brand and image is the first impression a potential customer has of you, and you want it to be outstanding!

Your brand emcompases everything from your logo and colors, to your ethics, and right down to the voice you use within your business.  Having a strong branded voice is what will attract people to your business.

Spend time on developing your brand to ensure it is memorable, authentic and recognizable.


Step 6: Get Social

You need to be all over social media promoting your product or service. Start a FB Page, get into FB Groups, be all over Twitter…. Put yourself out there any way you can. It’s time to show the world your great product or service!

If you have a product you are selling, Instagram will work well for you. If you sell a service to other businesses get onto LinkedIn. If you are selling to the general public then Facebook and Twitter will be your best channels.

Find which SM channels will work best for your business and get onto it!



Step 7: The Power of Marketing

No matter how small your business is when you first launch, you must always allow for a marketing and advertising budget.  If you think you can launch and see success without spending money on marketing and advertising you are wrong.

A strong marketing strategy is how you will go from “small fish” to ” online empire”.  And of course we all want to build an empire!  Take time to set up a marketing planner and strategy.  This should include paid and free forms of marketing and advertising.  If you do this part correctly you will see exponential growth in a short time.


Step 8: Count the money!

Now it’s time to make those sales and see the money role in! You have put in all that hard work setting up the business, promoting the business and you now deserve those sales.

Celebrate each sale that comes in and before you know it those sales numbers will grow and reach heights you were only dreaming of a few months earlier.


Of course, this is a very brief outline of the steps you need to take. There is a lot involved when you are building a business from scratch, especially if you want that business to exceed your wildest expectations!

That is why I put together my 16 week comprehensive online course – Quit the Cubicle.  This course will help you take that business idea that’s been swimming around in your head for ages, to launching a profitable online business that you can be proud of!  You can read all about Quit the Cubicle here.

And as I always say in my Facebook Group – If you have any questions at all, I am always happy to answer them and help you in any way to get you onto your own path towards your Freedom Lifestyle.

And I mean it, you do not need to be a student of mine to ask me questions – I have 1000+ amazing women in my FB Group, many of which are NOT students and I am ALWAYS happy to answer their questions if it means helping them live their dream life.

So come hang out with me in the Group or leave a comment, and ask your questions – That’s what I’m here for 🙂