If only you had a nickel for every dream you’ve dreamt, right? How much time has been spent sitting around wishing for a different life? How many hours a day do you slave away at a job you hate, all the while fantasizing of running your own business? Or better yet, how much energy have you wasted thinking about your dreams and doing nothing to make them reality? That’s the real kicker. If only there were a way to transfer all that thought and energy into a whole new reality, you would be living your dreams right now. Today it’s time to wake up! Stop dreaming and change your life.


Step One: Instead of dreaming, do something.

In all those little pieces of time throughout the day that you’re wishing, become proactive. Write it down. Keep track of your ideas. Some of the best songs in the world started off as lyrics scribbled on a napkin.

When & Where: Standing in line at the grocery store, waiting on hold on the phone, any time you’re waiting you can be writing.



Step Two: Organize your thoughts

It doesn’t take much to make an outline. Heck, there’s even an app for that. (One of my personal favorites is Workflowy.) Start off with your big dream right across the top. Underneath, flesh it out. List the things you want to do with your big idea. Once you see them listed, you’ll get a feeling for how you want them to play out.

When & Where: Do this while you’re having your morning coffee or on your lunch break. You can easily make this part of your bathroom breaks, as well.


Step Three: Make space

You’ve heard about the beauty of utilizing negative space. It’s common in the art world but it needs to be part of your life, as well. Do your chores all at once instead of spread out through the week. Shop for two weeks at a time instead of going every few days. Cook meals ahead of time and freeze them. Take the bus instead of driving. This will create openings in your schedule you never thought possible. Use this space to flesh out your outline and expand on ideas.


Step Four: Make dates with yourself

When you have an opening in your calendar, schedule a night for you to stay home. Don’t watch TV. Stay off Facebook. Turn off your phone. Get out your little scribbles of paper and your outline. Do some research on how other people have succeeded at doing what you want to do. Check into your local chamber of commerce. There are even websites geared toward helping you start a new business that outline what you need to do in your county.



Step Five: Turn social time into mentor time

Forget going to the movies. No more happy hour. If you’re serious about making your dreams come true, you do what it takes. Reach out to others who are living the life you want. Let them know you have the passion and drive to make it happen for you too, and that you need a mentor. Most time these people are honored and thrilled to share their experiences with a fellow enthusiast, and will prove to be invaluable as time goes on.


Making your dreams a reality isn’t going to be fun and games. You have to make sacrifices to realize the payoff later. So take up the slack now and turn it into productive time. It may feel like you have no free time for anything now but if you are serious about changing your life and pursuing your passion, you’ll do whatever it takes. So why wait? Go – change your life!