Group Mentorship Program

$2,297.00 $1,997.00

Topic:  How to Create, Launch and Sell an Online Course.

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Are you ready to create a money making, time saving, serving-the-masses online course?

Our Online Course Group Mentor Program teaches you how to create, launch and run a highly profitable online course.

This intensive LIVE program covers every area of creating, launching and selling your online course.  We even help you come up with the course topic if you are unsure of what type of course to create!

The program runs for 16 weeks and we keep the group very small (maximum of 10 people) so we have time to help each and every mentee.

This is not an online course – this is a LIVE mentoring program, which means you learn directly from us in REAL TIME (via Zoom calls), not from a pre-recorded video.

We have not only helped hundreds of people through our numerous online courses, but we have also created a multiple 6 figure income from those courses.

The joy we get when we receive an email or message from a student telling us we have helped changed their life is the best feeling in the world! And we are so grateful that we received those messages every single DAY!

And I want you to experience that feeling of helping people on a daily basis.

PS Please only join this program if you are 100% committed to seeing it all the way through.  We expect every mentee to keep up with the rest of the group so they can launch their online course at the end of the program.  Time wasters need not apply.  This is a program only for people with a drive for success.