As we come to a close on Mindset Month I wanted to give you some practical exercises you can do to develop your success mindset.

I spoke about a few of these over the course of the month but I wanted to mention them again plus add in a few more.

Pick the ones that you connect with the most and commit to spending some day each day (even if its only 5 minutes!) working on your mindset so you are ready for success!

√ Use positive words when talking and thinking
√ Recite positive affirmations
√ Set reminders that sound an affirmation you recorded
√ Change your passwords to positive statements
√ Listen to subliminal affirmations tracks
√ Journal
√ Forgive yourself for past failures
√ Write out your ideal day/life in story for as if you are already living it
√ Spend a few minutes visualizing your ideal life and/or business
√ Create a playlist with positive and uplifting songs
√ Meditate
√ Take a walk in nature
√ Create a vision board (or multiple)
√ Hang out with link-minded people
√ Read a powerful book like a biography of someone who conquered success
√ Express gratitude
√ Love yourself
√ Be brave and say yes
√ Let go of the past
√ Be a giving person
√ Laugh often
√ Set goals
√ Talk about your dreams to someone you trust
√ Live ‘as if’ (as if you already have what you want)
√ Recite positive quotes (or post them around or house)
√ Declutter (mentally and physically)
√ Be open and ready for gifts from the Universe

Most importantly – BELIEVE in yourself. BELIEVE in your dreams. BELIEVE in your success!



Do NOT take the power of mindset for granted! Its real! And you can either have everything you want or keep pushing it away with your bad mindset habits. The choice is yours!

I know you want to succeed in life and business! You are a Freedom Junkie after all! So make it happen my friend! The power is in YOUR hands (your mind actually), and only yours.

Imagine right now how your life would look if you had everything you ever wanted. Close your eye right now and picture it. I bet it looks freaking amazing!

Ive given you the tools, its now up to you to use them.