Last week I was very open with you and told you about our exciting new lifestyle plans.

It was a hard post to write to be honest because I have never felt comfortable ‘bragging’ about my life.  So writing to you about all the amazing things Michael and I have planned over the next 12 months was actually really hard.

Where is the line between sharing to inspire and just plain bragging?  I decided that those who knew me well enough would see that email for exactly what is was – sharing my life in order to show you that it can be done.



However, todays post is even harder for me to write because it means I have to not only ‘fess up’ to a lie I have been telling, but also let you in on a level I have never opened myself up to you before.

So let me jump right in to the 2nd half of the massive changes going on for Michael and I.  This time in our Business.

Before I get into the business changes I need to fess up about a lie I’ve been telling myself.

For the last 6 months our business has been doing really great, the best it’s ever been.  We have been helping more and more students in our courses, I’ve been able to stop doing work I dislike (like freelance writing), and our earnings have been higher than ever before (even in our ‘old life’)… and I have been doing it all on about 5-10 hours a week!

I’ve been telling myself I am where I want to be in my business, making the money I need for my ‘princess’ lifestyle, helping students create their very own Freedom Lifestyle like the one I created for myself, and all the while spending most of my time out and about in the city, watching movies, going shopping, hanging out in cafes, spending time with Michael and Mitzu…

And not because I don’t like my work, I actually LOVE my work so much.  For the first time in my life I feel like I am making a difference to people’s lives.  I love my students and I love helping them in any way I can.

So I’ve been telling myself I am happy at the level I have reached in my business when deep down that is a massive lie.

Why is it a lie?  Because if I admit to the truth it means I have to work more, and because I am being so honest here… I like that I don’t have to work my ass off to earn the income I now earn.

But something pretty big occurred to me last week – If I have achieved everything I have done in the last 6 months without even really trying, imagine what I could achieve if I actually tried?!?! 



That was a wakeup call for me.  Yes, the business earns a very good income for us now but what if we earned even more?  What if we were able to help even more people change their lives?  What would life look like then?

When I stared picturing myself with more success something happened inside of me – I stared yearning for it!

It hit me like a brick wall that I had been lying to myself saying that I was happy with how the business was now because I wasn’t prepared to step out of my comfort zone in order to scale shit up.

And that is what all came back to – Not having the confidence to put myself out there more than I do now in order to grow my business.


Or lack thereof.

I thought it was because I didn’t want to work more hours but after a lot of soul searching the truth came out.

See, even after all have achieved in the last 4.5 years I still have many many flaws and self-confidence is one of the biggies!

The idea of being interviewed by people terrifies me.  The thought of doing live videos for the world to see makes my heart beat too fast.  The thought of being judged on the way I look, talk and act is enough to send me to a corner and start rocking back and forth!

So putting myself out there in the way I know I need to do to scale my business is less than appealing.

But what kind of example would I be setting for you if I ‘settled’? 

What kind of motivator would I be if I didn’t push myself beyond my own comfort zone?   

What kind of teacher would I be if I did not lead with my head held high?

So I will no longer lie to myself or to you.  I will speak the truth and only the truth and lead as example.  Because let’s face it, if I – someone who has little self-confidence, an introvert and totally shy to boot – can do this then ask yourself why the hell you can’t do it too!!

I will make a promise to you if you will do the same for me.  Ill promise to always be 100% honest and open with you, even when it feels uncomfortable, if in return you promise to always be working on achieving your dreams because you and I both know that YOU deserve so much more than you let yourself have.

Okay so let’s get down to business…. So to speak!

During a BIG chat on Michaels birthday a week ago (and after I had my ‘I am lying to myself’ breakthrough) we decided to make some big changes to our business.  We are going to scale the shit out of Freedom Junkies!!

We are going to make a lot of changes including ending some of our other businesses (to give us more time on Freedom Junkies), hire more help (because we can’t build our empire on our own), and the overall strategies in running and growing Freedom Junkies.

But here is where it gets really awesome, the part I know you will want to hear….

Michael and I are going to share it all with you.  We are going to let you inside of our business like we never have before.

We will share it all – what worked, what didn’t, how much growth we achieved, what losses and wins we had, any business decision that had an impact on us, even how much growth we achieved (% wise as Im still not 100% comfortable with sharing actual figures) by implementing the new strategies!

We are doing this so you can learn from us and work on scaling your own business to the level you want to be at (and beyond).

I will send out a monthly round up email which will cover what we did in that month and what results we experienced.  (I will still send other emails throughout the month that are not round ups for those not interested in this side of things.)

You will get to see inside our business like never before. 

How does someone go from “I’m not confident enough to scale my business” to “I am going to share every detail with all of our followers”??

It comes back to what I said before – I truly love helping people create their dream lifestyle, just as I have done for myself. And if sharing my ups and downs will help you to grow your own fabulous Freedom Business then that’s what I NEED to do.

Project Scale”, which is what Michael and I are calling it, will start on August 1 so the first report will be at the end of August.  Each month I will focus on one main change as well as a few smaller tweaks.  This way we can all see what works and what doesn’t.

So get ready to see a lot more of us and Freedom Junkies in the world because we will not stop until we have achieved our goals.  If I have learned anything in life and in business it’s this:

Make a decision, stick to it and you cannot fail.