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Failure Is Not a Dirty Word

Failure. That one word can change your entire mindset. I know I’ve had days that felt like my soul was sucked out through a straw – all because of something I screwed up.

4 Reasons Why I Love the Laptop Lifestyle and Why You Will Too

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m writing this post from a swanky hotel room in the middle of London. I’m in a robe and slippers and my hair is in a tangled mess. And guess what – This isn’t the first time I’ve done my work while lying in a bed.

Eating healthy is vital for a happy life

What we eat impacts on how we look so the image conscious among us cut down on fats, sugars and carbohydrates – the evil trio of weight gain – to look good. But more importantly what we eat affects how we feel.

It’s never too late to change your life

The sudden realization that life does not go on forever occurs to different people at all stages of life. We feel that that we are just getting started and that surely we should have it figured out by now.

4 Simple Exercises For Busy Women

Time is at a premium and gym attendance is the first things to slide. But short sharp bursts of exercise can be just as effective as long as they are regular.

How to Sustain Happiness

You have been happy in your life plenty of times, right? But no matter, something always happens and ruins everything for you. To be happy, you simply cannot count on life events to make your happy.

6 Easy Tips For A Realistic Digital Detox

Okay, let’s face it; a complete digital detox can be rough. We are so tied to our phones, our tablets, and our computers, that it can be difficult to separate ourselves from them.

We Don’t Need to Change to Please People

Does anyone remember going to school for the first time and worrying that no one would like you? I look back at that time and I wish I could tell younger me what I know now, it might have made a difference in my school years.

Quit Without the Guilt and Move On

You’re no quitter, right? So you can’t give up, right? Wrong. It’s perfectly normal and, quite frankly, healthy to let go and move on when things aren’t working out.

How to set bite sized goals to avoid overwhelm

We either set ourselves goals which are completely unattainable or goals which are attainable but often are not reached. I look at some strategies to break your goal program into manageable chunks.