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Imagine right now how your life would look if you had everything you ever wanted. Close your eye right now and picture it. I bet it looks freaking amazing! I know you want to succeed in life and business! You are a Freedom Junkie after all! So make it happen my friend!

Are you ready for the truth?

Success happened for me when I made a conscious decision to MAKE it happen. It didn’t just fall into my lap. It wasn’t just luck. It wasn’t a coincidence. I made it happen.

Raw Honesty

I’m too old, too fat and too ugly to be successful. Now here’s some Raw Honesty! All I see in my feed are beautiful faces with skinny bodies on mostly under 40 (even under 30!) year olds and I feel I just can’t compete.

Do You Have A Mindset For Success?

Every successful entrepreneur from Oprah to Bill Gates will tell you the same thing – A positive mindset has everything to do with success. Do You Have A Mindset For Success?

Do not read this post if you get easily offended

Success. You either want it or you don’t. If you truly want it then you do whatever it takes to get it. If you aren’t willing to do whatever it takes, then I guess you don’t truly want it.
Success won’t be handed to you on a silver platter.

How to use House Sitting to Save Money

Are you trying to save money so you can pursue your freedom lifestyle? If you think you can’t save enough, think again! Saving the money you put toward rent or a mortgage can get you to the life you’ve always wanted quickly.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Are you setting business goals? If you think setting clear goals isn’t important for online business think again! Setting and working towards your business goals is important to getting you closer to your freedom dreams.

Q and A Video on Periscope

My goal with this video is to help guide those of you who are still in the beginning phase of launching your freedom lifestyle and business. And for those of you who are already on your journey, I hope you still find value in my video.

Travel Live Q and A

Do you have wanderlust? Have you always wanted the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want? If you think it’s impossible to have the freedom to travel at will, think again!

Video Post: Failure is not a dirty word

Is failure holding you back from taking the steps needed to realize their freedom lifestyle dreams? If you think let fear stop you from pursuing an online business stop! Your fear can make or break your business.

How to Know It’s Time to Let Go and Dream a New Dream

Dreaming is an essential and healthy part of life. Dreaming allows us to set goals and move in a positive direction toward a specific objective. While dreams are supposed to make us work harder, they aren’t supposed to be unattainable ideals.

How to Make Traveling Full Time Work for You

The best decision I ever made was to quit the 9 to 5. I have spent the last 4 years of my life traveling the world and I’ve never been so incredibly happy! I have been to 45 countries and set up “office” in every single one of them.

Change your life and the world around you will change

They say it is a curse to live in interesting times and anyone would have to admit that the times we live in are completely fascinating. The sheer size of the challenges facing the world compared to the insignificance of our own actions can be daunting.

When are you going to say ‘Enough is Enough’?

If you are still in the 9 – 5 grind, right now I bet you are dreading going back to work. The thought of going back to the office after a nice break over the holidays fills you with anxiety and anguish

Bouncing Back From Hard Times and Coming Out Stronger

Right now, you’re feeling beat up, alone, and like someone took your emotions out of your heart, rung them out like a kitchen rag, and tossed them back at you. Congratulations. You’ve reached the bottom. I don’t mean that tongue-in-cheek.

I’m going to tell you a secret

I’m not where I thought I would be at 40. I thought happiness meant having a career, making good money, living in a big house with a white picket fence – and I did that. But I wasn’t happy.

Pursuing Your Passion by Making Time for You

If only there were a way to transfer all that thought and energy into a whole new reality, you would be living your dreams right now. Today it’s time to wake up! Stop dreaming and change your life.

Why I Gave Up My Career to Live a Laptop Lifestyle

I was always someone who had been consumed with the idea of career success. I’ve continually strived to do and be bigger and better than the year before. I saw career success as a way of enriching my life.

Failure Is Not a Dirty Word

Failure. That one word can change your entire mindset. I know I’ve had days that felt like my soul was sucked out through a straw – all because of something I screwed up.