If you read my personal Facebook profile or my emails, you would know that I recently had a bit of a ‘mindset meltdown’. I felt disappointed with myself because I know how important a healthy mindset is to success in life and business. This post will help you to learn How To Change Old Mindset Habits To Enable Success.

So I quickly got my shit together and did some mindset work and got back on track. And that, lets call it an ‘episode’, lead me to write this mindset piece so I could help others avoid having a mindset meltdown.

I talk about success a lot and of course one of the most important, if not THE most important, factors to achieving success is having a positive mindset. Ive experienced it for myself and have heard or read stories by thousands of people experiencing the same.

And before you walk away from this screen thinking all this positive mindset talk is all woo woo, it has been scientifically proven to work. I’m not a scientist so I’m not going to get into the science behind it, but you can Google it and find loads of scientific data on the topic.



We know that a negative mindset brings negative situations. And a positive mindset brings positive situations. So it makes sense to only think good thoughts right?

But we are only human and sometimes shit happens and we get upset, or angry, or disappointed. And that’s okay because emotions are part of living. We need to feel different emotions. However, dwelling on that negative emotion is not okay so we have to learn how to flick the switch.

And then there are those deep-seated negative thoughts that we’ve had since we were kids. How the hell do we change a belief thats been a part of us for decades?

With practice and repetition.

No, it wont be easy and you cant change a deep-seated belief over night but if you work on it every day you absolutely can replace those negative ugly thoughts with beautiful positive thoughts.

There is a quote by Buddha that says “What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.”

Our mind is a pretty powerful tool and if you use it right you can literally create anything you want.

BUT, and its a big but… you will only create what you want if you focus on what you want, and not on what you don’t want.

We have to be so careful with what we say and what we think.

I’ve read what feels like hundreds of books on this topic and while I have my off days, and recently an off week, for the last 6 years I have consciously changed my belief system which has led me to create my amazing lifestyle and my successful business.

There is no way Id be earning what I earn if I didn’t create a new set of beliefs. If I had let myself focus what I didn’t have then I still wouldn’t have it. But because I retrained my mind to believe I was going to earn a good income, even before I did, that’s exactly what happened.



And the same goes for my lifestyle – The only reason I am here living the way I am living is because I trained myself to believe it was going to happen. However if I had focused on the shitty life I was living back then, well Id would still be living that shitty life.

No, its not easy to restructure your thoughts, some of which have been with you since childhood, but its doable if you put in the effort.

Start with being aware of what you say and think. I found this was a big one for me and one that become habitual on a subconscious level after a while.

For example, you might think its positive to say “I want to pay off my debts”. I mean, paying off debt is a good good thing right? But you are actually still stating the item you do not want – debt.

So instead of saying “I want to pay off my debts”, change the words to “I am on my way to financial freedom” Or if that’s too strong a statement for you to start with then try “The money I need is on its way”.

And lets go with one that I think we have all said to ourselves “I’m going to fail”. Anytime those awful 4 words try to work their way into my head I quickly kick their ass with “I will learn lessons, I will grow and I will succeed”.

Just changing those words into a positive narrative will change the whole course of your whole life.

Adjust your thoughts, adjust your life.

Another way you can change old mindset habits is practice positive affirmations. And yes this might sound a little woo woo but I promise you it works.

Write out powerful affirmations on sticky notes or in your journal and read them several times a day. This helps to train your mind to think positive thoughts. Its also a great way to get out of a funk. If you are feeling a bit crappy repeat your affirmations over and over again and you will feel that funk disappear.

Something that worked really well for me, and this might make you laugh, but I have a song list with happy or positive songs and I would dance and sing anytime I felt something negative started coming on.

I also listen to that same playlist every morning as part of my morning ritual. There is no way you can be in a negative state when you are dancing and singing to songs with uplifting lyrics.

But without a doubt the most powerful way to change old mindset habits is by believing. You’ve probably heard the saying “believe and you shall achieve”. Well its so true. If you believe you can change your mindset you will.

If you believe you can lose the weight you will. If you believe you will make a million dollars in your business, you will.

I know its hard to believe something you cant see yet, but you gotta find a way to believe that its coming, because if cant see it happening then its never going to happen.

There are loads of mindset exercises you can do like meditate, journal, use affirmations, read mindset books, listen to powerful and uplifting keynotes, forgiveness, visualizations… and the list goes on. So find what works for you. If my suggestions don’t feel right to you then find activities that do feel right.

Because without the right mindset you are screwed. Sorry but its true. If you cant figure out a way to change your mindset from negative to positive then you wont reach your goals, you wont become financially free, you wont live your idea freedom lifestyle.

Learn how to change old mindset habits to enable success and you all deserve a successful life and business.