If you are yet where you want to be (physically, mentally, emotionally, financially….) it is most likely because you have limiting beliefs or ‘blocks’ as they are known.

The good news is all blocks can be cleared!

The bad news is that it can take time. But if you can be patient with yourself and give yourself the love and acceptance you need then you won’t just clear those blocks you will smash right through them!

I am going to focus on how to clear money bocks, as this is one that effects most of us, but you can use these techniques for any block or limiting belief you have.

For these to actually work though you need to DO IT! Acknowledge you have blocks and do the work! Your extraordinary life is waiting for you so get to work!




1: Acknowledge the problem.

The only way you can clear your blocks is to become aware of them. Don’t become angry or down about the problem just become aware. You need to be gentle on yourself and show yourself love and acceptance to clear those blocks. So acknowledge but do not criticize or play the blame game.


2: Re tell your story.

Your blocks, or limiting beliefs, are only there because of stories you have told yourself (or others have told you) in the past. So now you need to re-write your story. You can do this several ways but my favorite is:


3: Journal your new story.

Each day write out your new story in the present tense as if it is the story you are already living. For example, if your old story is “There isn’t enough money”, then perhaps your new story could be “There is an abundance of money for me”. Or if your old story was “I am no good with money”, then perhaps your new story could be “I manage my money well and more wealth comes to me”. or, one last one.. If your old story was “Its not right for me to be wealthy when so many others are struggling”, your new story could be “I am wealthy and I can help those who need it with my wealth”.


4: Meditate

Meditation is a powerful tool and using this tool daily will help you overcome your blocks and limiting beliefs. If you re a newbie to meditation find a guided meditation aimed at clearing money blocks like Bob Proctors Abundance mediation: https://www.mindvalleyacademy.com/blog/mind/meditation-for-wealth


5: Read

You probably know by now that I am a huge fan of reading so of course Im going to include “read” in this list. A couple of my favorite books on clearing money blocks are: Get Rich Luck Bitch by Denise Duffield-Thomas, Money, A Love Story by Kate Northrup and You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. Use the practices that these ladies teach in their books and I guarantee your mindset around money will change!


6: Change your actions.

In order for change to happen you need to live as if that change has already happened. No, its not an easy task to begin with but if you stick to it it will become an automatic way of life for you. For example, if you never spend money on yourself then go out and buy something just for you. You don’t have to spend a fortune, maybe it might be a nice cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, or a new nail polish… whatever makes you feel good and is just for YOU. Another action you can change is paying your bills. Instead of waiting until the due date pay them as soon as they arrive. It might only be a part payment but the act of making a payment as soon as the bill arrives will make you feel abundant because you can pay the bill right away. The goal here it to take action that gives you a feeling of abundance.. the more you feel abundant the more abundance you will have.


7: Affirmations.

It might make you feel silly to say things that are yet true but affirmations are life changing if you commit to them. The key to affirmations though is repetition. You cant just say them once and expect change. You need to commit to saying them many times throughout the day, every day. Some of the ones I used when I had money blocks were: “Abundance flows to me in expected and unexpected ways”. “I love money and money loves me”. “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly”. “I deserve to live a happy and wealthy life”. “I have all the money I want and need”. Create affirmations that you connect with and repeat them daily, several times a day. I set reminders to go off every hour that reminds me of the affirmation of the day and I would repeat it every time the alarm on my phone went off. I would also write a page of money affirmations before bed so money would be on my mind as I fell to sleep.


8: Gratitude

I saved the most powerful to last. If you can learn to become grateful for all that you have now you will have a lot more to be grateful for. And even more so, if you can learn to be grateful for what is coming then it will manifest itself into your life. One of my favorite gratitude exercises is to write a page of gratitudes about money, as if I already had it. So for example I would write: “I am so grateful for all the wealth in my life”. Or, “I am so grateful for my ever growing bank balance”. Or, “I am so grateful for the abundance of money that constantly flows into my life”. You get the point. Use words you connect with and be grateful every single day for all that you have and all that is on its way to you.


I hope these exercises help you to clear your money blocks because you deserve to live a wealthy and extraordinary life and it can all be yours if you change the way you feel about money.