If you missed last week’s post, I spoke about the many differences between the 1:1 business model and the online course business model.

There is a reason why all the big gurus have changed from the 1:1 model to the online course model.

They have more time to live.

They can help unlimited amounts of people.

And they earn a shit load more money!

So, today I want to give you the steps you need to turn your 1:1 business into an online course.

You may or may not know that I created an online course business model that now provides a multiple 6 figure income. There is no way I could have achieved the same income with a 1:1 business model… even if I charged top dollar!

And, over the 3 years I’ve been running online courses, I have learned a LOT! So, I’m going to save you the time and give it to you straight, right here! I will give you the steps I took to turn my 1:1 business into the mini empire it is today.

Are you ready?

You sure?

Okay let’s do this!


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Step 1

Know your ideal client! If you already have a successful 1:1 business then you probably know your ideal client well. But, if you are struggling to get clients right now, then it’s probably because you don’t know your ideal client. If you don’t know who your ideal client is, then you won’t know what they need, what they want, or how to give it to them.

I’m sorry for being harsh, but it’s the truth. If you knew who your ideal clients are, and you knew what they really needed and wanted, then you would have a thriving business.

So, step 1 is to get clear on who your ideal client is. Because if you don’t know WHO they are, you won’t know HOW to help them. You won’t know what they need and how to communicate with them in a manner that connects with them. You won’t be able to build a relationship with them. And in this business, the business of helping people, you NEED to build relationships with your ideal clients.


Step 2

Audit your 1:1 business. You need to go back and analyze what your 1:1 clients needed help with the most. Were there particular issues that they kept bringing up? Was there a pattern of questions or concerns you had to address?

Before you can create your course content you need to know how to best serve your new course clients, and the best way to do that is to go back and look at the patterns of your 1:1 sessions.

Because ultimately your new course is about your clients, how to best serve them.

So, forget about what you want to say and focus on the questions they asked. Those are the topics you need to include in your course content.


Step 3

Now that you know who your idea client is, and you know what topics they most need help with; it’s time to plan out your content.

When you write your content, write it with your ideal client in mind. This isn’t about YOU, it’s about THEM. So, forget what you know and give them what they need.

Plan out your content structure, how long each module or lesson will be, and in which order you will present it.

This is probably the hardest part of the process, not because of all the writing, which can be a drag if you don’t like writing like me, but because you need to truly understand how to best serve the people who buy your course.

You need to understand what words to use to connect with them, to inspire them, and to motivate them. To be able to give them valuable and beneficial content you will need to put yourself in their shoes while you create the content.


Step 4

You have amazing content that your ideal client is going to love, so now it’s time to package it up so you can sell it.

A few things you need to consider are: How will you present the content? Will it be written in ebook format? Will it be recorded as video? Will the video be slides or a talking head?

Then, how will they get access? Will you use a membership plugin? A password protected page? What security measures will you have in place to stop people from sharing your content to others who have not paid?

Where will you host your videos? Will you offer downloadables? How will you create those downloadables?

These are some of the options you need to consider and decide on the option that will suit your clients and your business the most.


Step 5

Before you can make money from your course you need to know how much to charge for it! Pricing is an area that trips so many people up, but I think they put too much thought into it.

Look at how much content you have provided. Look at your site functionality and presentation. Consider what you used to charge your 1:1 clients. And consider your knowledge and skills in the area you are teaching.

Some will tell you to look at competitor’s prices, and sure you can do that if you want, but how do you know their prices are set correctly? How do you know what level of skill and experience they offer compared to you? How do you know who their ideal client is? How do you know how much content they have and how it’s presented?

So, my advice is to forget about what everyone else is doing and focus only on what it is YOU have to offer, YOUR skills and knowledge, the value of YOUR content.

It’s up to you to decide if your content is worth $99 or $1999. And if you have followed the first step and know and understand your ideal client then you will know what they will pay for to solve the problem you are going to solve in your course.


Step 6

Sell it! You have set your price, you know who to target with your marketing (your ideal client), so now it’s time to let your baby lose on the public!

Market it everywhere! Tell your past 1:1 clients about how excited you are about your new course. Shout about it on social media, on every single platform you are on! You want to tell the world about your amazing new course that is going to help millions of people change their lives (or whatever it is your course is created to do).

Your only goal now is to sell your course to the masses. Spread your message to the masses and watch the sales coming flooding in.

Congratulations! You have turned your limited 1:1 business into a money making, people serving machine!


Yes, of course that is a very simplified version of what goes into turning a 1:1 into a course. But hopefully this will get you started on the path of creating more money, helping more people, and finally being able to reduce your working hours so you can LIVE the life you deserve!




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